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The Singapore-based RVi Group traced its roots to 1991, with the aim to develop people internationally by capitalising on its unique and innovative training, consultancy and delivery systems in a network of companies across South-East Asia and partners around the globe. Members of the RVi Group include RVi Institute, RVi Academies, RV International Publications Services (RVIPS) and RVi Centres.

RVi Group has more than 20 years of experience in Myanmar. RVi Institute has been operating in Myanmar for 20 years and 10 years in Vietnam and Cambodia. RVi Institute is responsible for the placement of over 6,000 students overseas, primarily to Singapore in the 3 universities, 5 polytechnics and other reputable private education institutions.

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Min Galar Bar. RVIPS is the media arm of RVi group and it handles newspaper printing, distribution, advertising, event management and importing of International newspapers.

I am happy and proud that RVIPS has grown rapidly in the past 23 years from its humble beginning as a small newspaper printing team to full-fledged media company. We provide different solutions to satisfy customer’s wants. Today, we work closely with Singapore Press Holdings and China Daily Asia Pacific Limited to print, distribute and marketing of The Straits Times Myanmar Edition in Myanmar and China Daily in the region.

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RVIPS Publications currently provides point-to-point delivery services for an international newspaper or international magazines to 100above organizations with a total of 10,000 copies per day and 13,000 copies per week. Our service zone covers 90% of residential and commercial areas, including more than 20,000 delivery points. Over 10,000 subscriptions to local and oversea newspapers and magazines are handled by RVIPS Publications.

Besides improving its service quality, RVIPS is now planning to expand its business scope through mergers, acquisitions, and cooperation based on its existing foundation, to maximize the breadth and depth of its services. The ultimate goal of our company is to become the leading one-stop service provider for the print media industry.

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Our Newspapers

The Business Times

China Daily Global Edition

China Daily Global Edition was launched on January 2, 2019 along with the China Daily’s website, app and social media account.


Years of Experience

% of Coverage in Hong Kong residential and commercial areas

Delivery points

Delivery of amenities on a daily basis in Asia

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